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Salma Badawi



Salma Badawi is a dedicated professional with a dual bachelor's degree in Business Administration and French Studies from Damascus, Syria. Building on this foundation, she earned her Master degree in Leadership Management with a concentration in Human Resources from Northeastern University (USA). Her passion for education has always been ingrained in her, shaped by the influence of her family who owns and leads several private schools and learning centers - Al Hadara - in Damascus, Syria. Growing up in this environment provided her with unique opportunities to contribute from a young age – teaching, assisting in field trips, helping her mother, the director, and later on, teaching business courses to the older students.
She is one of the founding members of the IAWV Elementary School, where she serves as the treasurer. Additionally, she joined the teaching staff at IAWV elementary school in 2022 as an administrative and Lower Elementary assistant. Prior to this, she worked for two years as an administrative assistant at Mountaineer Montessori School, gaining valuable experience in education administration. This rich background fuels her commitment to making learning an engaging experience for all ages.

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