About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands



Our school was founded in order to fulfill the needs of the growing Charleston, WV Muslim community. Our community longed to offer its children a holistic Islamic education while simultaneously providing an excellent academic foundation that would prepare them for a future of rigorous study. To reach this goal, we prioritized hiring the best educators possible. Our community has been thrilled to watch our children thrive in our educator's expert and caring hands. 

In addition to offering our Muslim students a solid foundation in Islam, we are also determined to help them nurture their American identity, and to assimilate fully in their American society. We believe in the importance of reaching out to our neighbors in order to be productive members of our community. In this spirit, we welcome students of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Non-Muslim students are exempt from religious classes and will instead be offered enrichment time with their classroom teachers while their peers step out of the classroom for dedicated religious study time, conducted in separate classrooms. 


We envision dedication to faith through virtuous living in a progressive environment. Our mission is to produce independent thinkers, who are able to deal with the challenges of modern time and find solutions within the framework of Islam. We value our diversity and believe in creating a positive and inspiring learning environment for all children. 


Our learning methodology is centered on the holistic development of our students' breadth of knowledge, both in academic and in real-world scenarios, through traditional, creative, and hands-on approaches.