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Welcome to

IAWV Elementary School

Empowering Students For Life


For ages between 2 & 3


For ages 3 to 5

Lower Elementary

For ages 6 to 9


Our Mission

We envision dedication to faith through virtuous living in a progressive environment. Our mission is to produce independent thinkers, who are able to deal with the challenges of modern time and find solutions within the framework of Islam. 

We value our diversity and believe in creating a positive learning environment that inspires a diverse group of children. 

Our Classes

Humanities, Mathematics, and Science

We offer a broad range of excellent academic programs that will  develop our students' talents and academic prowess. Our learning methodology is centered on the holistic development of our students' breadth of knowledge, both in academic and real-world scenarios, through traditional, creative, and hands-on approaches. 

Religious Studies

Our school welcomes students of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds, nationalities, and races. To our Muslim students, we are proud to offer religious studies classes, where they learn Quran, Religious studies, and Arabic. We believe our school can help students master both religious tradition and American culture in order to assimilate and truly apply the teaching of Islam while embracing American identity. Non-Muslim students are exempt of the religious studies and Arabic classes and will be offered regular class time with our certified Language Arts and Math teachers instead. 

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